For Veterinarians

How It Works

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
— Leonardo Da Vinci

Following the teaching from one of the greatest minds of all times, TVSS strives to keep things SIMPLE. 

Contact Dr. Nunley if you have a patient which requires surgery. Direct phone consultation is ideal for more rapid response and scheduling surgery, however emails will always be responded to with 24 hours.

Prepare owner and patient for surgery at your clinic, including preoperative blood work. 

Have patient prepped and ready for surgery at the time of the scheduled appointment. Dr. Nunley will call when he is on his way to ensure IV catheter is placed and pre-medication have been given (when applicable).

Your facility provides surgical suite, anesthesia and anesthesia technician. 

Dr. Nunley will provide his own surgical supplies, a surgery report and post operative instructions for each surgery. Dr. Nunley cares about each case- please contact us as needed for follow up consultations.