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List of Procedures

Orthopedic Surgeries:

Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)

Medial and Lateral Patella Luxation

Coxofemoral Luxation- joint capsulorraphy and toggle pin

Femoral Head & Neck Ostectomy (FHO)- power equipment

Fracture repair- DCP, LC-DCP, Locking Plates, and external skeletal fixators (ESF)

Mandibular Fractures (plates, wires, acrylic fixators, intra-oral splints)

Malunions, non-unions, angular limb deformities (ALD)

Ulnar ostectomy- proximal or distal

Sarcroiliac luxation

Achilles Tendon repair

Carpal and Tarsal Arthrodesis

Superficial digital flexor tendon repair

Joint taps

Lameness consultation

Bone Biopsy

Fragmented medial coronoid (FCP) removal

Ununited anconeal process (UAP) removal

Extracapsular cranial cruciate ligament repair

Soft Tissue Surgeries

Hernia repair, umbilical, inguinal, scrotal, and perineal

Diaphragmatic Hernia and PPDH repair

Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA) ligation


Cholecystectomy (Gall bladder removal)

Brachycephalic airway surgery- soft palate, nares, and everted saccules

Laryngeal tie back, Laryngeal paralysis (LAR-PAR)

Total ear canal ablation (TECA) w/ lateral bullae ostectomy (LBO)

Perineal and Scrotal Urethrostomy (PU)

Portosystemic Shunt (PSS) attenuation- extrahepatic attenuation

Sub-total Colectomy

Exploratory Laparotomies- foreign body removal, 

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) Surgery

Prophylactic Gastropexy

Cystotomy- stone or mass removal

Limb and digit amputation

Mass or tumor removal

Nephrectomy (kidney removal)

Salivary mucocele


Anal sacculectomy – anal sacculitis


Oncologic Surgery

Mast Cell Tumor removal

Soft Tissue Sarcoma removal

Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor removal


Liver Lobectomy

Lung Lobectomy

Apocrine Gland Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma removal

Mass Biopsies

Bone Biopsies